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December 11, 2012 by Alex

Lytham Lives: A Community in Writing submissions are beginning to rollOldLifeboatHouse courtesy Lytham Heritage Group in for the exciting new Lytham anthology, and following the writing workshop last week where local residents got started on a fascinating combination of poetry, prose, fact and fiction pieces, we want to make sure YOU get involved!  

We’re looking for stories and poems from all walks of life for the anthology, with Lytham as inspiration. You don’t have to live in Lytham to submit something – you may have spent a holiday here, or occasionally visit on windy afternoons to walk the dog or fly your kite on the promenade, or visit the shops in search of something special.

So whether it’s a factual account of an historic slice of Lytham or a memory from your own life; or a fictional story set in Lytham, or poem celebrating an aspect of Lytham life, we want to hear from you.

If you haven’t written anything for years, or just want a bit of a kick-start, here’s a couple of ideas to get your creative thoughts flowing…

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA… Remember when you were on holiday in Lytham and looking forward to building sandcastles on the beach, taking in the salt air and that bright sunny sky as you raced your shadow across the warm sand with your bucket and spade?

… Or when that girl whose parents ran the bakery on Clifton Street had caught your eye and you were trying to pluck up the courage to ask her out? Just how many loaves of bread did you manage to buy in the course of that memorable fortnight?!

… Or when you learnt to swim in Lytham Pool, then later taught your own children to swim there, and were devastated when the pool was closed?

… Or when you were playing with your friends near a deserted Lytham Hall and swear you saw the ghostly figure of a woman in one of the windows…? lythamhall

… Or when your neighbour found a mysterious bag left at the Lowther Pavilion …?

… Or when your grandmother told you about the boy she met at Lytham windmill, and they arranged to meet one another again exactly a year and a day later, and what happened next…?

Any story or poem you write can be fact or fiction, or a mixture of the two – it’s up to you!  

If visual images inspire you, go for a walk through Lytham and visit the promenade, the windmill, the dunes and the town centre, look at the people, the buildings, the estuary, the sky, the waders on the foreshore;  look at pictures of Lytham in the Library archives or at the Lytham Heritage Group  –  or just type “Lytham” into an internet search for images and see what fascinating things come up!

Lytham Pier courtesy lythamwindmill.co.uk

There’s a story there…!

– All you need is a pen and paper or computer and a few minutes to get started.

– Write your first impressions / ideas and develop a scene or a verse and see where that takes you.

– A 3-point plot plan can be useful: where will the story/poem/memory start, how will it end, and what will happen along the way?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular writer or haven’t written a thing for years – we want to hear from all of you!

A quick reminder of the submission rules:

Anyone over 16 can enter – and Lytham under 16s don’t worry, we will be running events with your school over the coming weeks for the under-16s anthology!

You don’t have to live in Lytham to enter – but Lytham must feature in your writing. You can write about Lytham and/or the surrounding areas. This might involve writing about the town itself, the rural landscape, family life, streets and buildings, local myths and folklore, historic figures or ordinary folk. You might want to write about the past, present or future. Style and approach is entirely up to you. All we are looking for are pieces that are interesting to read!

Poems should be no more than 60 lines. Short stories and life writing no more than 1500 words. You can submit 1 short story / life writing, or up to 2 poems.

Entries must never have been published, self-published, published on any website, blog, online forum or broadcast on radio, internet, podcast or television. Simultaneous submissions are allowed but will become ineligible should they win a prize or be published prior to the Lytham Lives competition submission deadline 28th February 2013.

Please click on the link for full details about submitting to the anthology: https://lythamstories.wordpress.com/submissions/ .

Have fun!


Further links:

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Lytham Lives Anthology

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