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January 2, 2013 by Alex

connecting generations 1

Have you lived in Lytham all your life? Did you spend your childhood here? Would you be interested in sharing your childhood stories?

We are looking for adult members of the Lytham community to take part in a one off workshop with a class of Year 9 pupils from St. Bede’s High School in Lytham on Tuesday 15th January 2013, 1pm – 3.15pm.

This workshop is one of a number of activities planned to help preserve, share and celebrate first hand stories and memories of our community by encouraging the different generations within our community to share their stories with each other.

By remembering our experiences, retracing our steps, recalling special people, places and events, we come to better understand ourselves and the people who have impacted and shaped our lives and our community. Your stories are important because they form part of our community’s heritage. We believe that many of the stories shared at this workshop may, in many cases, be lost, if not told and documented now.

So if you choose to get involved in this worthwhile project, what can you expect?

1. Lots of fun. The pupils at St. Bede’s will be prepped and ready to interview you. Be prepared for lots of curious minds and interesting questions. But don’t worry if you’re not sure which parts of your past are relevant and which aren’t, the workshop is being facilitated by local writer, Jane Brunning –  who some of you may know from the creative writing workshop which took place at ParkView4U at the end of November 2012 – who will help get the best from you.

2. A trip down memory lane. Remembering your own childhood: the people you used to be friends with, the games you used to play, the places you used to go, the subjects at school you loved to hate, can be a real cathartic experience. Perhaps even remind you of freer times. Who doesn’t like to think back to those now and then?

3. An insight into the childhoods of today’s children in the Lytham Community. The workshop is meant to be a two way conversation. You’ll have the chance to ask your own questions to the pupils interviewing you. How different is childhood today? Is Lytham a better place to grow up now, or is it worse? Are the things occupying their minds the same as those occupying your mind at the same age?

How To Get Involved

To register your attendance at the workshop on the 15th January 2013 with Cath Powell at ParkView4U on 01253 741955, or email her at by 5pm on Wednesday 9th January.

Please ONLY sign up if you can DEFINITELY attend on Tuesday 15th January 2013. Joining instructions will be provided to you when you register to attend.

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